Friday, February 22, 2013

Read One Piece 699

read one piece 699

You can read One Piece 699 at this online manga site. Here is the summary of One Piece chapter 699: Despite Kuzan's presence, Doflamingo tries to kill Smoker anyway but is quickly frozen by Kuzan's Devil Fruit ability. However he manages to break free as the ice hadn't reached his heart. Seeing nothing to gain from fighting Kuzan, Doflamingo takes his leave, but not before questioning Kuzan what he stands for due to rumors he had heard. Kuzan does not answer him and yells for a medic. Doflamingo collects Baby 5 and Buffalo and departs. Only then does Kuzan state that even though he is not enlisted in the Marines anymore, he never fully trusted the World Government and that he can still make a difference outside the Marines. Smoker inquires about how he knew of Punk Hazard as it's top secret, worrying that he is doing busines with the criminal underworld. The G-5 Marines, who were eavesdropping on the conversation, are yelled at by Kuzan, who asks them to clear off, now that they have treated Smoker. He then informs Smoker that he is doing nothing of the sort. He also warns Smoker to tell Sakazuki to keep an eye on Doflamingo as he poses the biggest threat to the Marines for now. For, even though his presence is not as obvious as the Kuja Pirates, his prowess as a pirate was exceptional indeed. He tells Smoker to ask the Fleet Admiral to dispatch the Admirals as soon as possible. He also asks the G-5 marines not to reveal his presence there, to which they oblige.

Out on the sea, the crew is taking a breather. Usopp and Chopper worry furiously about Doflamingo coming to attack them. Kinemon nearly gets into a duel with Zoro thinking he had robbed Ryuma's grave due to him having his sword, the Shusui, on him. Momonosuke is revealed to be taking a bath with Robin much to the envious anger of Sanji, Brook and Kinemon. When they confront him over it, Nami punches all three for their supposed bullying. On being saved, he addresses Nami as a fair princess, which makes him receive a hug from Nami (much to the anger of the three perverts). Momonosuke rubs his face onto Nami's breasts on purpose, while grinning wickedly at the three. As the night goes on, most of the crew (Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Nami, Robin, Law and Momonosuke) sleep while others (Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Sanji, and Kinemon) stay up looking after the Sunny. Momonosuke is shown to be snoring in the same bed as the two female crew members.

Morning comes and a newspaper seagull delivers the paper that reads that Doflamingo abdicated his position as a Shichibukai as per Law's demands as well as his position of royalty in Dressrosa. However, there is also a picture of Luffy and Law and an article announcing their alliance, much to the crew's surprise. Also in the paper is news regarding Kid, Apoo and Hawkins alliance as well, though Law is unconcerned with it. He then begins to explain the next phase of his agenda to the crew.

On Dressrosa, the island is in an uproar over the news while Doflamingo is in his office reading and listening to some music. Law's Den Den Mushi rings, and Doflamingo decides to answer it.

Read Bleach 527

read bleach 527

You can read Bleach 527 at this online manga site. Here is the summary of Bleach chapter 527: Zaraki stabs Unohana but screams for Unohana not to die because he hasn't fought enough yet. Unohana dies happy having brought out Zaraki's true power, and Zaraki then hears the voice of his zanpukto calling out to him.

Meanwhile back at Nimaiya's shack, Renji has stands bloodied but triumphant but Ichigo seems to have flunked Nimaiya's test. Ichigo wants to continue but Nimaiya states that the asauchi didn't choose Ichigo which means he's not a real shinigami and therefore Nimaiya is not going to fix his zanpukto. Nimaiya tells Mela to remove Ichigo and send him home. Ichigo breaks free, but Nimaiya sends Ichigo away with some teleport technique.

Read Naruto 621

read naruto 621

You can read Naruto 621 at this online manga site. Here is the summary of Naruto chapter 621: With the Tailed Beast Ball held by Hashirama Senju's humanoid creation collides with Madara Uchiha's Susanoo Sword it explodes. As the smoke clears, a Susanoo-clad Nine-Tails is revealed ready to attack Hashirama as he emerged from his wooden defence. With Hashirama praising Madara, he quickly grabs the ethereal sword and counters with several additional hands emerging from the ground to suppress the beast only for the tailed beast to destroy with a swing from another blade. Not wanting the landscape of the current area to be completely decimated, Hashirama quickly retreats to the coastline prompting Madara to give chase. As the Uchiha charged another Tailed Beast Ball onto Susanoo's sword and throws it, Hashirama summons a set of barriers which were enough to redirect the attack. Hashirama then attempts to reason with his friend and comrade, wanting to stop the battle but Madara noted that he was too far gone. Knowing that Madara was beyond the point of being persuaded, Hashirama enters Sage Mode and uses the gigantic wooden construct with which he prepares to attack. As the battle progresses, Hashirama remembers the first time when he and Madara met, skipping stones by a river. When asked who he was, Hashirama noted that he was currently Madara's rival in stone skipping, at which he was winning.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Read Naruto 620

read naruto 620

You can read Naruto 620 at this online best manga site. Here is the summary of Naruto chapter 620: As Sasuke boldly declares that Hashirama's response would decide whether or not he should take revenge on Konohagakure, Tobirama, who had become angered at this sentiment, notes that he would not allow such a thing to happen. In a fierce exchange of silent wills, which sends those around them into near-frenzied panic and begins to destroy the Naka Shrine, Tobirama finally adheres to his brother's command and lowers his fingers from around the bands on his arms. Reverting almost immediately to his jovial, carefree self as Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief and Minato marvelled, Hashirama praises Itachi, telling Sasuke that Itachi was a better shinobi than himself, and that he will happily tell the lengthy answer to the question he had posed to him. Telling him to make it as short as possible as they were strapped for time with a war going on, Hiruzen tells Orochimaru that if it were a case where Madara was currently on the battlefield then they needed to head out as well. With Minato and Tobirama sensing the situation on the battlefield and confirming it to be true, Minato is glad that his son was able to achieve what he had wanted him to do when he sealed the beast into him. Tobirama, however, discards Orochimaru's threat to bind them entirely and declares that he was going to the battlefield. However, thanks to now acquiring Hashirama's genetic material, the binding of the Impure World Reincarnation had become more powerful as Hashirama noted, telling his brother that he had grown dull. Easily breaking free of the additional restraint as Orochimaru noted, Hashirama allays the Sannin's fears, telling him that first he would free Sasuke of the darkness that surrounded him before he became another Madara and casually takes a seat on the ground and begins the retelling of the story of his confrontation with Madara at the Valley of the End and the history of the Senju and Uchiha.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Read One Piece 698

read one piece 698

You can read One Piece 698 at this online best manga site. Here is the summary of One Piece chapter 698: The Straw Hat Pirates, along with their allies and prisoner are heading out to Dressrosa on the Thousand Sunny where they are informed of Luffy's goal to defeat all of the Yonko and the plan by Trafalgar Law to reduce Kaido's power in the New World by destroying Doflamingo's SMILE factory. Regardless of the dangers involving an army of SMILE users and a potential encounter with Kaido himself, Kin'emon along with his son Momonosuke are coming along with the Straw Hats as one of Kin'emon's comrades is being held prisoner in Dressrosa.

Back on Punk Hazard, Smoker allows the G-5 Marines and Brownbeard to retrieve their comrades from their petrified states. One of Smoker's men questions if they should arrest the headless bodies of Doflamingo's subordinates. However, the heads suddenly come flying back to their bodies and the men are viciously attacked by Doflamingo himself. Doflamingo stands in front of Smoker and demands the location of the Straw Hats, but Smoker tells him he has no idea where they are going and call him by his alias "Joker". Seeing that his alias is exposed, Doflamingo strike a blow to Smoker's face severely injuring him. He then attempts to deliver the killing blow but is interrupted by the arrival of Kuzan, the former Admiral.

Read Naruto 619

read naruto 619

You can read Naruto 619 at this online best manga site. Here is the summary of Naruto chapter 619: While Suigetsu marvels being in the presence of Hashirama, Tobirama is displeased with being reincarnated by Orochimaru once again. Hashirama voices confusion, and is explained to by Hiruzen that Orochimaru must have undone the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and reincarnated the four of them. Minato is impressed by Orochimaru's ability to undo the seal, and Orochimaru explains that after Hiruzen robbed his ability to use his arms, Orochimaru went great lengths to research it. Hashirama inquires who Minato is, and is elated to learn he's the Fourth Hokage, taking it as a sign of Konoha's continued stability. Minato elaborates that his death and sealing preceded the Third's, much to the First's confusion. Hashirama wonders who is the Fifth, and is sunken when told it was Tsunade, asking if the village still stands, which Minato comments upon. Hashirama explains that as his first granddaughter, he spoiled her, which lead to her picking up bad habits from him, including his gambling. Suigetsu is silently underwhelmed by Hashirama's demeanour. Tobirama comments on the use of his technique, Orochimaru telling him that's it was rather straightforward, and that he should have kept it to himself, adding that his policies created instabilities that last to that day.

Tobirama asks if he was going attack Konoha again, Hiruzen is dejected, and Hashirama is disappointed the world still is in turmoil, and begins to reprehend his sibling, but is promptly silenced by him. Orochimaru denies he summoned them to destroy Konoha, and presents them to Sasuke. Tobirama jabs at the Uchiha for being in Orochimaru's company, to Hashirama's protest. Sasuke asks the Third about Itachi's mission, telling him how he learned of it from Tobi and Danzō after killing Itachi. Hiruzen confirms it, explaining that Itachi was very attuned to the village's history, and as such, never had strong ties to his own clan. Tobirama isn't surprised by the demise of the Uchiha clan, declaring he expected them to rebel. Orochimaru counters that the Second's actions contributed to the Uchiha's planned coup. Hashirama admonishes his sibling for his persecuting of the Uchiha, while Tobirama maintains he gave them a duty they could excel and justifies it by Madara's actions, saying the Uchiha clan is possessed by evil. Sasuke asks Tobirama why he feels that way towards the Uchiha, and is told that the general perception of the Uchiha as valuing techniques over love is mistaken. He elaborates that once the Uchiha know love, they're so caught up in it that in losing it, they're consumed by hatred. The loss leads to the awakening of the Sharingan, and the further they're consumed by hatred, the stronger their eyes become, using Madara as an example. Hashirama figures Madara loved his brother more than Itachi loved Sasuke. Tobirama tried to channel that power to Konoha's benefit, saying in the end, they served the greater good. Hashirama is outraged at his tone in front of a pure Uchiha child, and Sasuke activates his Mangekyō Sharingan, which Tobirama notices, stating he does not care the tone used, and that he's neither pure nor a child. Sasuke then asks Hashirama what is the legacy of the village, and what purpose do shinobi fill.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Read One Piece 697

read one piece 697

You can read One Piece 697 at this online popular manga site. Here is the summary of One Piece chapter 697: In a flashback, Law is surprised by Luffy's plan on taking down all of the Yonko, and warns him that he is heavily underestimating them, as they are powerful enough to challenge Whitebeard before his death. Law continues on saying that Kaido is said to be the strongest creature alive, and even with their alliance, the probability of succeeding in defeating Kaido is still only 30%. Nami says the chances are too low, and they should not agree to the alliance. Despite her protesting, Luffy agrees to the alliance.

Back to the present, Law tells Smoker that he is planning on heading to Green Bit with the Straw Hat Pirates, and remarks that he has his hands full with them. The children are getting ready to leave the island on the tanker with the G-5 Marines. The Marines then draw up a line and tell the Straw Hat Pirates not to cross the line, as they are pirates and therefore, a strain on humanity. The Marines continue to badmouth the pirates, but the pirates largely ignore this, and Nami tells Chopper that Vegapunk is going to help cure the side effects of the drugged candy. As the Marines keep badmouthing the pirates, the children want to thank the pirates for helping them, but cannot do so, as the Marines are trying to prevent the children from doing so. The children are upset since they are the ones who asked the pirates to rescue them but cannot thank them, let alone say goodbye to them. Tashigi stops the Marines, saying that it is disgraceful for them to prevent the children. The Marines explain that they are badmouthing the pirates so they will not grow to admire and respect them, despite the fact that they are pirates. They then break down in tears, as Tashigi laughs and Smoker groans. The children thank the pirates for rescuing them, and say that when they grow up, they will become pirates, to which the Marines protest.

Afterwards, Doflamingo is seen crossing the New World when he notices a raft. The raft holds the decapitated heads of Baby 5 and Buffalo as well as a Den Den Mushi. Baby 5 and Buffalo apologize for their failure in taking back Caesar Clown, but Doflamingo tells them to relax, as they were doing as he ordered. The Den Den Mushi then speaks up, revealing to be from Law. Law tells Doflamingo that he has Caesar, and wants to discuss business. Doflamingo laughs and tells him that he does not do business with kids, and warns Law not to screw with him. Law ignores that, and says that Kaido is Doflamingo's principle trading partner. If Kaido learns that Doflamingo cannot produce any more Smiles, then he will have to suffer the consequences, terrifying him. Increasingly becoming frustrated, Doflamingo asks what does Law want in exchange for Caesar, to which Law tells him to step down from the Shichibukai, a status he worked over a decade to attain. As pointed out by Law, this resignation would also leave him open to the wrath of the Admirals. If the next day's newspapers have the news of Doflamingo's resignment, Law shall contact him again, but if the newspapers does not have the news, then the deal is off and Doflamingo will have to deal with Kaido. He then drops the call, leaving Doflamingo infuriated.